Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a Month! Winner and Update for January!

This past month has flown by so fast! I posted the Pinterest Challenge on the New Year, and had one entry! Yay! (Gotta start somewhere, right?) Well, sad to say, I dropped the ball on this one, guys... I only participated the first week and then got sucked into life! SO, I'm opening it up to be a monthly project, and am changing it up. Instead of the original rules, I am going to change them to make it easier, and hopefully we can have more people participating! For now, this is what happened so far in the Pinterest Challenge:

Hannah made a pretty to those pre-moistened towelette containers we get... you know, the ones for the counters, or for windows, etc? Look what she did:
Hannah Potter Molina's Pretty Container Wrap!

 (Isn't it cute?)

Great work Hannah! So since you were the only entry for January - you win! =)

I'll be mailing you a special prize this week... I will contact you via your Facebook page to get your mailing information!  Congratulations!

As for me, I only completed one week also, and here is what I completed:

I took the big giant mess of embroidery thread that I had, which was basically a ziploc baggy full of random blobs of threads, wrapped them around clothespins (which I had a ton of leftover from a prior project... but you can buy bags of them for less than $3), and then "fastened" the ends to the pins by pinning them! Voila! Super fast organizing and looks cute in a big jar!
So much more purty!

Here is where I got the inspiration:

So, that is all for now! I'll be adding the updated Challenge info right after this!

Tata for now,  xoxo ~ jamie